Friday, April 12, 2013

More FREE Food!

In a restaurant? Want more FREE food?
Ask for a 'better tasting' dish or FREE refill on your drink.
Wait 10 minutes or so and then ask for a doggie-bag or to put your drink in a cup to-go.
Works every time.

FREE Entertainment!

What can you do for FREE??
Take a walk! No matter the weather there's beauty in all the seasons!
Invite a friend, bring a pet, bring your friends' pet, take a child along, enjoy the outdoors!

Walk in a park, along a canal, on a bike path, on the beach, thru a neighborhood you've always driven thru but never stopped long enough to get a good look at, even in a little town and do some window shopping!
It's FREE and it's FUN!

Pack a lunch or some snacks and something to drink so you don't have to spend any $$ while you're out walking for FREE! And be safe! Take your cell phone!

House vs Apartment

Do you really NEED a house? Whether big or small think about it.
Do  you really WANT all the extra baggage that comes with owning a house?
Taxes, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, etc...
Not to mention how bad the housing  market is right now.
With a house you can't just pick up and leave it because YOU have to SELL IT.

Apartment living may mean living closer to your neighbors but moving again wouldn't be a hassle like it would be if you owned a house. And if anything breaks down in an apt., you just call the manager and they fix it or give you a new one FOR FREE! There are large apts and smaller ones. YOU decide how much room you need and how much you're willing to pay monthly - WITHOUT taxes!

NOTE: In New Jersey it's hard to find an apartment under $1000 unless it's a studio.
Then again, that may be all you really need.

Cheaper Car, More $$ in Your Pocket

Had an accident? Totaled your car?
No matter whose fault it was hold onto that insurance check!
Don't use it to put down on a car from a dealership!
Buy one out-right with the CASH from that check and pocket money monthly!
Not having a car note to pay is pure bliss!
Who says you can't find a decent used car today?!?
There's plenty of  'em out there! Start looking as soon as your car insurance company tells you how much you're getting back! Enlist your friends to help you look! You don't need to travel far either. There's always a car on somebody's lawn or in a parking lot just waiting for YOU!

FREE Ketchup, etc!

Who needs to buy ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, napkins, plastic cutlery, etc?!?
When you go to any fast food or take-out restaurant just ask for extra of these things.
Take them home and NEVER pay for them again!

Squash those Credit Card Interest Rates!

Interest on credit cards? No way! Here's what you do:
Read that "junk mail" that credit card companies send you. They are always touting
NO INTEREST UNTIL NEXT YEAR if you pay off your balance.
So pay off your balance by putting THAT balance on ANOTHER credit card with low or no interest.
Just keep revolving them and you'll NEVER pay interest again!

NOTE: Just don't go crazy with it! You don't want such a high balance that you won't be able to use the next card you just paid off an old balance with!